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Sunflowers seeds confectionery (black)

Sunflowers seeds confectionery (black).

The sunflower seeds help to normalize the fat exchange, decrease of cholesterol in the human organism, prevent from the oxidant processes of polyunsaturated fatty acids, also they prevent from atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, and other diseases of cardiovascular system, also the seeds are of a great help while having problems with liver and bile-excreting tracts. What is more, the seeds have the healing power which is compared to the healing power of nuts that strengthen coverlet and mucous tunics.

The seeds of the sunflowers have a high biological value containing 25-30 per cent of protein, for one third it's the irreplaceable amino acids, up to 64 per cent of lipids rich in polyunsaturated fatties, approximately 7 per cent of carbon, where more than a half is dietary fibers, vitamins B,D, E, PP, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.

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Sunflowers seeds kernel

Sunflowers seeds kernel.

The sunflower shelled seeds can be used in cooking, baking, confectionery industry.

The nourishing value of sunflower seeds is that they can be regarded to the healthier products. The sunflower is a real base of health.

УTrade production company УKapital tradeФ ltd. sells the sunflower seeds of the highest and first rates of the own production.

The seeds are produced from the confectionery rate of the sunflowers that increases their shelf life.

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