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Sunflowers seeds kernel
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 Висновок СЕС  

Sunflower seed kernels We produce more than 10 years.

The shelled sunflower seeds can be used in cooking, baking, confectionery industry. In the food industry the following trends of using the sunflower shelled seeds exist:

  • fried salted
  • raw
  • the base for halva
  • salads ingredients
  • while baking the bread
  • muesli ingredients
  • mixtures with honey, butter and salt
  • like nut base for making confectionery
  • addition to meat, fish and vegetable dishes
  • like dressing to the ice cream and pies
  • popcorn from sunflower seeds with sugar
  • a light snack with the majority of drinks
  • drageeing with chocolate, sugar, molasses

The nourishing value of sunflower seeds is that they can be regarded to the healthier products. The sunflower is a real base of health.

"Trade production company "Kapital-Trade" Ltd. sells the sunflower seed kernels of own production. We produce of sunflower kernels more than 10 years!»

The seeds are produced from the confectionery rate of the sunflowers that increases their shelf life.

Packing: polypropylene / kraft bags of 25 / 50 kg; possible pallets, big-bags.

The shipment can be held by vehicle, railway, containers.

The sunflower seeds of the highest rate are used for packing for the retailing purposes, for frying and sweet sunflower seeds production.

The sunflower seeds of the first rate are used for the industrial processing: in baking industry, confectionery industry (production of halva, sweet sunflower seeds, chocolate sweets with nuts and seeds, sunflower seeds in chocolate, as a dressing for cakes and pies).


Gradation of kernel by type

Bakery         more than 550 pcs. per oz, broken kernels max 15%


From Confectionery varieties of sunflower:

Confection:                500-550 pcs. per oz, broken kernels max 5%

Confection Premium: 450-500 pcs. per oz, broken kernels max 5%


Sunflowers seeds kernel Sunflowers seeds kernel Sunflowers seeds kernel Sunflowers seeds kernel