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"Trade production company "Kapital trade" ltd. a newly founded but successfully developing company. The main activity sphere is: production, processing and selling of grain-crops and oil crops (sunflower, millet,maize, etc.).

The company cultivates and standardizes the black seeds sunflowers "Lakomka", "Almaz"("Donskoi krupnoplodny" (Donskoi large product ), Zaporizhya black seeds sunflower and produces the sunflower seeds of the highest, first and second rates. Also the company sells seeds for crops. The company invests the production also in other areas.

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Our products
Sunflowers seeds confectionery (black)
Sunflower seeds
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Sunflowers seeds kernel
Sunflower kernel (Shelled sunflower seeds)
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Vegetable oils
Vegetable oils:
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Millet, millet, mustard.
Millet, linseed, mustard
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Kapital Trade Ltd
Ukraine: tel. +380612701163
  tel. +380672235223
E-mail: export@sunflower.ua
Skype www.sunflower.ua
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