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Our products
Sunflowers seeds confectionery (black)
Sunflower seeds
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Sunflowers seeds kernel
Sunflower kernel (Shelled sunflower seeds)
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Vegetable oils
Vegetable oils
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Millet, millet, mustard.
Millet, linseed, mustard
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About US

"Trade production company "Kapital trade" ltd. a newly founded but successfully developing company. The main activity sphere is: production, processing and selling of grain-crops and oil crops (sunflower, millet,maize, etc.).

The company cultivates and standardizes the black seeds sunflowers "Lakomka", "Almaz"("Donskoi krupnoplodny" (Donskoi large product ), Zaporizhya black seeds sunflower and produces the sunflower seeds of the highest, first and second rates. Also the company sells seeds for crops.

The company "Trade production company "Kapital trade" ltd. has got 3 departments of the production processing. The modern equipment is set at the enterprise. The production capacity constantly increases by the technology improving and setting the additional equipment.

The co-production with Russia and Moldova is established.

We have a big experience in exporting our production to the Western Europe, Belarus, Serbia, Moldova, Kazakhstan etc.

Nowadays our company can offer:

  • sunflower seeds of the highest, first, second rates, confectionery sunflower(60 tones per month)
  • standardized sunflower of 34+, 36+, 38+ 40 + (300 tones per month)

The shipment can be held by vehicle, railway, containers.

Minimum parcel is 20 tones.

All the export delivery has got all the necessary documents: Phytosanitary certificate, Quality certificate, Certificate of Origin, Freight customs declaration; Fumigation certificate, if necessary.

Except this our company specializes in production and delivery of the oil sunflower seeds , millet, sunflower oil. All the production is native.

We offer the best quality at cosmpetitive price.